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The dentist office doesn’t have to be a place of pain or anguish. There are ways for you and your loved ones to get the care you need without invasive dental treatments or lengthy recovery times.

Forget what you know about traditional dental restoration treatments. We have new methods to restore your teeth and gums. Today I want to share some ways we can restore your smile without painful or intimidating, procedures. It’s called laser dentistry. Rather than drills or even scalpels and stitches, the lasers allow us to remove infections or decay from your mouth.

Below I have a way that laser dentistry is different from traditional restoration methods. You’ll find that laser dentistry is more conservative and leads to comfortable results.

Laser Gum Therapy vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

Gum disease is perhaps the biggest villain when it comes to teeth. It can strike without warning, and it’s the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Even worse, gum disease has been linked to deadly diseases like heart disease and diabetes. When gum disease runs rampant, it causes the gums to recede and the bone to deteriorate, which leads to tooth loss. This is why we have worked for years to give you precise and reliable treatments to battle gum disease.

Years ago, patients with severe forms of gum disease had to rely on gum surgery. That usually required a visit to a periodontist, who would then use scalpels and to remove the infection. This sounds invasive because it is. There is nothing comfortable about traditional gum surgery techniques, but it was the only choice for so many years. That’s no longer the case. We have comfortable lasers that eliminate the need for scalpels or sutures. The laser uses a beam of light to evaporate the infection from the pocket. We’ve found that the laser also allows the tooth and gums to naturally re-attach – a feature absent in conventional laser surgery.

No More Drills or Painful Shots

You might imagine that a laser can be used to restore soft tissue – the gums – but it also be used in other areas of the mouth. Even more rare than gum therapy lasers, we have implemented laser treatment to restore teeth damaged by cavities. That’s right, it’s possible to use focused lasers to clean a cavity a prepare a tooth for a filling. Instead of a dental injection and squealing dental drill, we can restore your mouth with a comfortable laser.

In most cases, we can restore the tooth with a laser without a shot. But, in the event that we do need to numb the area, we have a pain-free injection system. I’ve heard from countless patients who tell me that the numbing injection is the worst part about having restorative dental treatment. It’s the worse for me, too! No dentist wants to hurt their patients. That’s why we use a system known as VibraJect. This handheld tool is convenient and can be used anywhere in my office. The VibraJect tool uses a subtle vibration to eliminate the pain associated with the shot. The vibration essentially blocks the pain from reaching the brain.

These are just a few of the comfortable restoration treatments that you’ll find at our office. No dental patient wants to worry about painful procedures, and at our office, you don’t have to either. Ask us about our laser treatment or schedule your dental visit today by calling 703-978-5253.

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