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Your wedding isn’t too far off. That’s why you’ve been running around trying to get everything scheduled for your big day. So much will go into making sure you (and your spouse-to-be) look amazing: hair appointments, diets, fittings, and more.

That’s why you need to call our Burke, VA dental office today at 703-978-5253 and schedule cosmetic dentistry appointments. After all, your smile will be the center stage for the whole event. Dr. Fox has the right mix of training and practical experience to help ensure your smile looks as good as the rest of you.

Your Smile Is More Important Than Ever

When it comes to planning for your wedding day, there are so many things to schedule. You have to get a reception hall, get fitted for your dress or tux, book photographers, and much more. It’s all worth it, though. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.

That’s why you and your smile will be the center of attention throughout the day. Everyone will be watching you walk down the aisle, say your vows, and have your first dance. Plus, this event will be immortalized in photos and videos — and so will your smile. Wouldn’t you want a beautiful smile to show up in all those pics?

By calling Fox Family Dentistry today, you can get one more thing marked off your wedding to-do list by scheduling cosmetic dentistry. There’s time to get things done before your wedding, but the sooner you call, the sooner you can move on to other parts of your wedding plans. That, and you’ll be making sure your smile looks amazing.

Cosmetic Dentistry for an Amazing Smile

Bride or groom, you deserve a smile that looks healthy and beautiful for your wedding day. Here are some of the specific cosmetic dentistry treatments you can get at our Burke, VA dental office.

Dental Veneers

This is one of the quickest but most powerful changes you can make with cosmetic dentistry. In this treatment, Dr. Fox will expertly measure your teeth. Then you’ll get custom-made covers for your visible teeth. These covers look and feel like bright, healthy enamel. Once in place, dental veneers hide all stains and damage.

Call us today at 703-978-5253 to schedule an appointment for dental veneers. Dr. Fox can even have them made a little big in spots to cover worn edges or small gaps between your teeth.

Kör Teeth Whitening

Having a white smile for your wedding day would make you look great in all those photos and videos. But skip the drugstore teeth whitening kits. Not only can they be messy and confusing, the whitening agent is diluted to be sold without a prescription.

By calling our Burke, VA dental office today, you can get professional teeth whitening with KöR teeth whitening. This powerful but safe cosmetic dentistry treatment will lift stains and get your smile whiter like you want.

Tooth Bonding

If your wedding is getting more and more expensive, you should try this more affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment. In tooth bonding, Dr. Fox will use this training to carefully place a thin layer of a putty-like resin over your teeth. One smoothed out, it fills in any cracks or chips. It’s tooth-colored, so it also hides stains.

That’s why you need to call Fox Family Dentistry today. Tooth bonding usually doesn’t last as long as dental veneers, but it’s normally more affordable.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Metal fillings work, but they don’t exactly look natural next to your white enamel. Depending on where the cavity is, you could be showing silvery metal whenever you smile or laugh. Since you’ll be doing both a lot at your wedding, that means your metal fillings will be shown to everyone.

Call Dr. Fox today and make an appointment to replace metal fillings with our tooth-colored ones. They’re made from a composite material, and they do a great job. Since cavities are not meant to be permanent anyway, replacing metal with tooth-colored fillings makes sense.

Call us TODAY at 703-978-5253 or use our convenient online form to schedule cosmetic dentistry before your wedding. You want to look your best in that dress or tux, not just for photos and all that, but for your new partner. Cosmetic dentistry at Fox Family Dentistry can give you a smile perfect for your wedding day.

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