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We’re at a point in time in the world where technology is advancing so rapidly that people are having a hard time keeping up with all the new innovations that seem to pop up daily. Even with all of the new technology that continues to be released, humans never seem to fall behind with knowing how to use that technology. In the United States, we are enthralled with what technology can do for us and how it can make our lives better. The fact that it can improve our lives healthwise and entertainment-wise is just part of the reason that we love technology as a human race. At Fox Family Dentistry, we like to stay current with how technology can help make your experience at our Burke, VA office better. We do this in the form of laser dentistry!

How We Use Lasers To Make Your Experience Better

The way we use dental laser technology is to perform dental procedures that have traditionally been done by tools other than lasers. These procedures include placing a filling, reshaping your gums, or performing periodontal surgery. We’ve found that using a laser to perform these procedures will not only help ease your dental anxiety, but it also makes Dr. Lawrence and Erik Fox’s job more precise because lasers are more accurate. They also help lessen the recovery time that you’ll have to spend after your procedure is complete.

WaterLase: Giving You Superior Dental Care

The type of laser that we use at Fox Family Dentistry isn’t just any dental laser system. We use a technologically advanced laser system known as WaterLase that was built for the purpose of superior laser dental care and extreme patient comfort. WaterLase uses water and air to combine with the laser to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout whichever procedure you are having performed.

How it works is that while the laser is doing what it does – removing decay or bacteria, reshaping your gums, etc. – WaterLase constantly sprays a stream of water to counterbalance the heat of the laser. Having your teeth constantly exposed to a stream of water will keep your teeth hydrated so the heat from the laser won’t cause any discomfort.

Why We Love Laser Dentistry

There has to be a reason we have chosen to use lasers over traditional methods other than lasers are technologically advanced. The main benefit from using lasers is that they are precise in performing the job that they need to do. When traditional methods are used for gum reshaping, for example, dentists will use a metal cutting tool to cut away unneeded gum tissue. With WaterLase, we can accurately and painlessly remove your extra gum tissue without surrounding areas being affected. Also, your recovery time will not be as long, and there will be less bleeding as a result of the gum reshaping procedure.

Another example of a procedure that is made easier through the use of our WaterLase system is periodontal surgery. During a traditional periodontal surgery procedure at another practice, a dentist will have to remove the infected parts of the gums or teeth using a drill or other cutting tool. Oftentimes when using these traditional tools, dentists can damage surrounding areas. With WaterLase, we can remove an infected area without the tooth cracking or breaking, which can happen with a drill. In turn, the pain will be greatly reduced with the use of WaterLase as compared to a drill.

We Care About Our Patients at Fox Family Dentistry

The reason we take all of these steps is to make your experience with us more comfortable. The number one concern we have is that you are pleased with your visit to our Burke, VA office! We use laser dentistry to make your procedures more precise, less painful, and more effective. Without you and your family, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love, and we thank you for that by providing you with the best possible services that we can provide.

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